Nain Maslun is a photographer and director based in Santiago, Chile.  He started as a fashion and comercial photographer working with different retail brands and also having the opportunity to work with children. While the pandemic, living the dream of becoming a father and having nothing else to do more than taking care of his son with his lovely wife, he started to photograph personal items at home such as perfumes, watches, bottles, and more. He realized how much he enjoyed learning new ways of photography and creating beautiful images. This new photography skill led him to expand his range of clients working now as a still life and high end product photographer.

Now Nain has become a director, collaborating with top agencies and brands. With his good energy and versatile work he is developing different kind of TVC’s.

Recent clients: Opel, NotCo, Nestlé, Adidas, Eucerin, Falabella, Chilean Red Cross, Santander Bank, Power, Oster.

Awards: 2022 Golden Effie Chile for best campaign as photographer and director.

Born in 1989 - SCL, Chile. | 




Contact: | +56 9 9410 0475
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